The staff of Bichons FurKids is paid only in the love of what we do. Your entire contribution will be used to offset expenses and rescue the next one, two or group of furkids who will show up, most predictably, each week to steal our hearts once again. Your donation is tax deductible so please click on the options below and contribute whatever you can. We, and future furkids, thank you!

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Our Special Angels


Each month a very special little angel comes into rescue – a little bichon whose needs are greater than the others.  For most of them to be ‘whole’ requires a major surgery. Each of these little angels has a special story to tell and is an inspiration for those of us that rescue and love them.

You can contribute to their well being, sponsor a special angel or help us to foster him or her when it is time to leave the hospital. Whatever you do helps these fur kids, and the ones that follow, to live healthier and better lives, will be rewarding to them and to you – and we thank you for your support. 



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Forever Foster Program

Tiger, Our First Forever Foster In January 2010 Bichon FurKids launched our Forever Foster program. Our vision was to make it possible to care for those bichons who, because of health, temperament, age or background, might not be good candidates for adoption. We felt strongly then, and now, that despite their special needs, whatever they might be, these dogs should live out their lives in loving homes, being cared for with respect and dignity.

The program was launched as a result of a generous donation from an adopter and bichon-lover who wishes to remain anonymous. All donations to that Fund are managed separately; BFK continues to look for opportunities to expand and grow the fund. That was the genesis of our Forever Foster Program and continues to be its mission.

The dogs accepted into the Forever Foster Program are very special pups. Some have chronic health problems which require an unusual amount of care and expense; some are severely disabled; others are elderly or have terminal medical conditions. Euthanasia is not an option for these dogs unless their quality of life is compromised. Instead, their medical expenses are covered by Bichon FurKids while their foster moms and dad provide the physical care and love they need and deserve.

Petey, Our Newest Forever Foster

In order for us to maintain the best quality of life for our Forever Fosters, we require additional assistance in the form of donations. The donations we receive through our Adoption Program can never cover the medical expenses we have accumulated in the care of rescued dogs. If you would like to become a special part of one these little furkids’ lives, please consider becoming a Sponsor. A Sponsor can make monetary donations or provide supplies for their use in the Forever Foster Home. Sponsorships may be one time donations or timed payments to help cover the costs of medical care, treatment or recovery All monetary and material donations will go to the particular Forever Foster dog you specify.


Please consider supporting our cause and our Forever Foster Program. Your financial gift will help us continue to save many more dogs, and to provide our Forever Fosters a life of ease and contentment. If you would like to make a donation for a Forever Foster please specify Forever Foster under Purpose after you click on the Donation Link.

If you would like your name to appear on our website and be updated on a furkid’s progress, let us know.

If you have been unable to adopt, or unable to have the time to care for a rescued pup for whatever reason, but would like to help, please become a Sponsor. Our little furkids depend on you!

If you prefer to mail a check or money order you can send it to the address below:

Bichon FurKids
6965 El Camino Real #105-425
La Costa, CA 92009

And remember, please, that all donations are tax-deductible.


Special Angel Nicholas -- Hit and Run Survivor!

Hi people,
My name is Nicholas and I'm a friendly and fearless little bichon boy who is also very special. You see, someone was driving VERY fast and didn't see me. He hit and dragged me for several blocks - then threw me in a dumpster!

But I wanted to live - so I made a lot of noise and suddenly I was on my way to being rescued. While I didn't look very good, and my back legs were badly scraped and bruised   my heart was strong and determined to recover fully. Why my foster mom says I don't act like a guy who has any limitations. I'm happy, loving and even playful.

My care has been long and a bit complicated. My legs have healed and I'm learning to use them again. I have a very special cart that helps me to get around - and I'm pretty quick even without 'my wheels.' Nicholas_head2

If you would like to help me get better and even meet me some day, I'd love that. The most important thing to know is that I'm lucky and happy to be alive. And I'm determined to walk again on all four legs and then jump into your lap and give you kisses.

Will you help me please? I promise to be very grateful.


Please help Nicholas on his way to a better life. Your donation to his ongoing care is most appreciated!

** SPECIAL THANKS to My Perfect Pet for donating their wonderful FRESH FOOD during Nicholas' time in foster care and San Diego 6 News for sharing his story.

To make your tax deductible donation by check,please mail it to:

Bichon FurKids Rescue
6965 El Camino Real
Suite 105-425
La Costa CA 92009
Tax ID number: 20-3652098

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