Happy Adoptions - 043

We are so pleased that your love and donations have enabled us to place so many dogs in their forever homes. Here are some of our most recent adoptions. Continued thanks to all of you for allowing us to make a difference in a dog's life.

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Beau_head1 Celene_head1 Luckylouie_head2 Sammi_head1
Beau Celene Lucky Louie Sammi
Liam_head2 Donny_head3 Bixby_head1 Jordan_head2
Liam Donny Bixby Jordan
Nophoto Wally_head2 Precious_head2 Preston_head2
Clancy Marley Precious Preston
Rufus_head2 Garfield_head2 Laci_head2 Joy_head2
Rufus Garfield Laci Joy
Katie_head1 Kelly_head1 Max_head1 Luke_head1
Katie Kelly Max Luke
Leia_head1 Tootsie_head2 Bubby_head2 Toby_head1
Leia Tootsie Bubby Toby
Calvin_head1 Hobbs_head1 Fred_head2 Tony_head1
Calvin Hobbs Fred Tony
Sammy_head3 Wilson_head2 Romeo_head1 Juliet_head1
Sammy Wilson Romeo Juliet
Andy_head2 Ryder_head1 Sydney_head2 Wyatt_head2
Andy Ryder Sydney Wyatt
Lenny_head1 Annie_head1 Chowder_head2 Baxter_head1
Lenny Annie Chowder Baxter