Every week a number of furkids become part of Bichon FurKids. They are in foster care - and some are not yet listed on our web site. While these little ones are living in homes with their foster families, these new FurKids are receiving lots of love, learning how to walk on leashes, ride in cars, frolic in the grass - and experiencing being around children, other dogs and sometimes cats! Our goal is for them to become the very best dogs that they can be - and to find their Forever Homes as soon as they are ready.

We add new FurKids to our family each week - so please check back often.

And remember, the first step to adopt any of our FurKids is to complete our Adoption Application - and then to schedule your home safety check.

Happy Adoptions



Thanks for a Wonderful Year!


To Everyone in our Bichon-Loving Community:

​At this time of year we have an opportunity to reflect on all the things that have transpired in the previous months - and look forward, with excitement, to what the new year will bring. I know that 2014 was an amazing year for FurKids everywhere - as your love and support enabled us to rescue more than 260 little furkids, most of whom are already in their forever homes with the remainder in loving foster homes.

The rescue of the Thanksgiving Ten was certainly a marker for our all-volunteer organization. It was also a tribute to the love, responsiveness, commitment and concern that we experienced. Volunteers across Southern California came together to help. Generous donors across the country helped us defray the costs of vetting and care. Adopters came from far and near to adopt these little ones. It was an amazing confirmation of the goodness of so many people. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This was also a year with many amazing adoptions​, some incredible (and intricate) surgeries, outstanding donations and generous gifts - from blankets made by both junior and senior volunteers to financial contributions by our bichon-loving community to the thousands of trips our volunteer drivers made transporting furkids to and from vets, groomers and foster moms and dads.

​We experienced the adoption of Nicholas, whose spirit and story inspired us for years, the passing of Petey, one of our Forever Fosters whose willingness to ignore his special needs encouraged all he met​, and the adoption of many bonded pairs.

There are so many people I want to thank - and I don't want to miss any of you - so please accept my heartfelt THANKS for being such an important part of what we do - and for enabling us to continue our mission of saving FurKids.

Have a wonderful and fulfilling 2015 and may all of you experience the love of your FurKids in the years ahead.





Nanny Network and Home Checkers

FurKid Neighborhood


Wanted: Home Safety Checkers


A Very Special kind of Network ...
for FurKids and their Moms and Dads


Bichon FurKids 2015 Calendar is Here!

2015 BFK Calendar2015 BFK Calendar2015 BFK Calendar

Our 2015 calendar showcases the bichons whose photos took prizes in our recent calendar contest (via Facebook voting) along with a big handful of equally photogenic fluffs!

Please think of the people you love who also love bichons — and buy a calendar for them. They make great holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts, and the proceeds from each calendar go towards the medical needs of incoming FurKids. We look forward to sharing the calendar with you soon.



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Like us on Facebook to be in the "know" about the latest news and updates about our furkids. Currently we have more than 6000 friends who post pictures, testimonials, and updates on their furkids and bichons who are not furkids, too! Don't forget to share and continue promoting our organization so that we can continue rescuing more and more bichons & bichon mixes. Thanks again for all your support.



Bichon FurKids Rescue News

January FurKid“Making a Difference in a Dog's Life”

Hello Bichon Lovers,

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2015 – and we are already at the end of the first month. Wow! ​ ​Time flies.

We hope that you have stayed healthy – and that is true of your furkids, too. There are a lot of nasty bugs going around for us humans – and the Santa Ana’s bring lots of new things in the air to trigger allergic reactions for many of our furkids. Mine have been licking their paws like crazy this past week. At our house that’s a fairly infrequent situation – and is almost always related to the change in weather.

Every adoption is always a special one – and for many of us, the adoption of our special needs furkids, like our senior furkids, is the most challenging and also the most rewarding. To look at the photos of Sugar in the first article (co-authored by her Mom, Phyllis) you would never know that Sugar came into rescue as an emaciated, fly-bitten, scared and scarred little girl. Heather, her very special angel, helped Sugar overcome many things and paved the way for her to be adopted, Unfortunately, due to changing circumstances with her owners, including a cross-country move, Sugar was returned. Her anxiety showed itself in a behavior that consisted of attacking her own back – and attacking it with zeal. With the love and training ​of​ our very own Michelle Howard, Sugar learned to let go of that behavior. And last year, in time for the Bash, Phyllis flew from Oklahoma to adopt her. With Phyllis’ support, Sugar completed her transition. When you read their story, I hope it will bring you as much joy as it does us. It’s a testament to unconditional love at many levels.

Another article that we felt the need to share describes a very scary situation with botflies. Please be aware as flies (including the ones that attacked and scared Sugar) can be more than just a nuisance. They can be life threatening.

On January 11th, a cold and rainy Sunday, 15 FurKids, their amazing Fosters, as well as a group of dedicated volunteers huddled together under canopies for an adoption event that was planned for a sunny day. (Surprise!) Despite the less-than-wonderful conditions, FIVE furkids were adopted that day – and many new friendships were formed!

For those of you who want to see the magnificence of the bichon breed, the Bichon Frise Club of San Diego is hosting the annual Bichon Specialty in Del Mar. The date is Friday, Feb. 20th. The event includes a Parade of Rescue, where your very own FurKid can walk the ring, strut his or her stuff and come home with an engraved rosette ribbon. Please consider attending and bringing your FurKid. Seeing such beautiful bichons in one place at one time is truly delightful.

​Calling all proud Bichon parents and planners (who know how to have a good time!) please put May 16th on your calendars as that is the date of the 2015 Bichon Bash. This annual event and fundraiser will be held at the Irvine Animal Care Center on the Saturday after Mother’s Day. Save the date, please. Details to follow.

So please sit back and take a look at the delightful photos from last year’s Bash. Click on the link below and read it online -- or print it out for reading offline.




See you next month!​

Marti, Judy and the Editorial Team of Bichon FurKids

PS Please like us on Face Book to be in the ‘know’ about the latest news and updates on our FurKids. You will find us at http://www.facebook.com/bichonfurkids. And for those of you who make recurring donations to Bichon FurKids, we appreciate your support and promise you it is used only for the care of our FurKids!


Earn Money for Bichon FurKids Just by Walking Your Dog!


Woof Trax: What Is It - and What Does It Do?Lake Walk

Woof Trax is a way to walk your dog and earn money. People who are tracking their walks with their dogs have walked over 550,000 miles in 50 states to benefit their local animal shelters and rescue groups.

If you walk your furkid (and we hope that all of you do several times a day), there is now a way to make your walk even more fun and rewarding. For every mile you walk your dog, Woof Trax donates to your chosen animal organization. Walk for a Dog provides a list of shelters and rescue groups. Once you choose Bichon FurKids, as you then take walks Woof Trax keeps track (hence the name) of how far you walk. (That gives you a sense of accomplishment - and validation. )When you choose BFK as your rescue group, Woof Trax then makes a donation to BFK based on the mileage our group has walked.

If you use the app each time you grab the leash, you will have a real sense of accomplishment. Woof Trax lets you report on how far you have walked (if you would like) or simply tells you the distance you have covered. It’s healthy for you and your furkid.

Start by installing the free Android or iPhone app, and choosing BFK as your charity. Then start taking your 'Walk for a Dog' every day. Be sure to tell your friends - and please help us get the word out! The more people walking for BFK, the more Woof Trax will donate.

We and your FurKids thank you!

To learn more, please visit WoofTrax.com


Foster, Please

Scoobie, Ricky and Ella

Fostering is the lifeblood for all rescue organizations, as it allows us to save lives and give those little fluffs we rescue a loving and safe home in which to transition. At Bichon FurKids, we can only rescue a bichon when we have a foster home ready and willing to embrace him or her.


Learn more about our Foster program and let us know if you want to become a Foster Mom or Dad. Email , please.



Please Rescue Us!

See All the Dogs


As our economy continues its roller coaster ride, more and more furkids are entering rescue each week.

Please visit our Available Dogs page to see all the furkids in need of forever homes. 




Junior Volunteers

Snowball_blanketsSee our Jr. Volunteers in action making soft personalized fleece blankets for FurKids like Snowball to enjoy!! We would like to thank and honor all the volunteers who dedicate their time and heart into these thoughtful gifts.

If you would like to become a Jr. Volunteer and help with this project, please email





A Word About Hair

Bichons and Bichon mixes need to be groomed regularly. When not tended to, their hair (not fur) tends to grow very long and then mat if not brushed or combed. The kindest thing we can do, when we take in a dog in this condition, is to shave it down. 

In a matter of weeks, beautiful, white, healthy hair will grow. So, if you see a dog that's available and it's a little short on hair... know that it will be a beautiful white, fluffy, haired darling within a few weeks.  Read Ace's story.



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