Every week a number of furkids become part of Bichon FurKids. They are in foster care - and some are not yet listed on our web site. While these little ones are living in homes with their foster families, these new FurKids are receiving lots of love, learning how to walk on leashes, ride in cars, frolic in the grass - and experiencing being around children, other dogs and sometimes cats! Our goal is for them to become the very best dogs that they can be - and to find their Forever Homes as soon as they are ready.

We add new FurKids to our family each week - so please check back often.

And remember, the first step to adopt any of our FurKids is to complete our Adoption Application - and then to schedule your home safety check.

Happy Adoptions


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Music, Memories and Motown, A Night of Fun and Fundraising for FurKids

Motown Fundraiser Flyer

Buy your Music, Memories and Motown tickets in advance using any major credit card.



Bichon FurKids Rescue News

FurKid Uncle Sam“Making a Difference in a Dog's Life”

Hello Bichon Lovers,

Welcome to our July newsletter. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words -- how about a story from one bichon about his new FurKid brother? We hope that perspective will brighten your day - and let you know why so many of us bichon lovers have at least two fluffs in our homes and hearts.

We hope you enjoyed the Bash and that you and your FurKid are gathering up your favorite photos for our 2015 calendar contest. The contest is now open through July 22nd. Check out the contest info and please send us your photos! For more information about how to submit those photos go to: www.bichonfurkids.org/homepage#Contest

We look forward to seeing you at our next two events. On August 24th we will be holding our third annual Fun and Fashion at Chico's. Please come and shop at the Forum in Carlsbad between 11:00 and 3:00. You will be able to find great fashions and accessories, as always, plus a percentage of all sales will be donated to BFK and help our FurKids!

In September we will be hosting our first annual Fun and Fundraising for FurKids at the Longshadow Ranch Winery in Temecula. The date is September 19th and festivities start at 5:30. We are finalizing the talent now! Stay tuned for more information and please join us for live music, dancing, a live and silent auction, great Italian dinner, wine (of course) and night under the stars with friends and family. For more information, email and watch the Events section on our web site.

Each year hundreds of dogs end up in shelters as a result of running away from fireworks. With the 4th of July around the corner, we wanted to share some tips on helping your FurKids cope. Please read the article and, if you have a little fluff who is spooked by the fireworks, please pay attention to some of the techniques you can apply to desensitize your FurKid. Above all, please keep your FurKids safe.

As we are an organization of volunteers, we always appreciate (and welcome) help from other volunteers. Currently we are looking for more volunteers to make the fleece blankets that our FurKids love so much and are a part of their adoption kits. We also need drivers to help with transporting fluffs across the counties. Please see our 'Want Ad' in the newsletter and let us know if you can help.

So please sit back and take a look at the delightful photos from last year’s Bash. Click on the link below and read it online -- or print it out for reading offline.


Marti, Judy and the Editorial Team of Bichon FurKids

P.S. Please like us on Face Book to be in the ‘know’ about the latest news and updates on our FurKids. You will find us at http://www.facebook.com/bichonfurkids. And for those of you who make recurring donations to Bichon FurKids, we appreciate your support and promise you it is used only for the care of our FurKids!


Foster, Please

Scoobie, Ricky and Ella

Fostering is the lifeblood for all rescue organizations, as it allows us to save lives and give those little fluffs we rescue a loving and safe home in which to transition. At Bichon FurKids, we can only rescue a bichon when we have a foster home ready and willing to embrace him or her.


Learn more about our Foster program and let us know if you want to become a Foster Mom or Dad. Email , please.



Please Rescue Us!

See All the Dogs


As our economy continues its roller coaster ride, more and more furkids are entering rescue each week.

Please visit our Available Dogs page to see all the furkids in need of forever homes. 




Junior Volunteers

Snowball_blanketsSee our Jr. Volunteers in action making soft personalized fleece blankets for FurKids like Snowball to enjoy!! We would like to thank and honor all the volunteers who dedicate their time and heart into these thoughtful gifts.

If you would like to become a Jr. Volunteer and help with this project, please email





A Word About Hair

Bichons and Bichon mixes need to be groomed regularly. When not tended to, their hair (not fur) tends to grow very long and then mat if not brushed or combed. The kindest thing we can do, when we take in a dog in this condition, is to shave it down. 

In a matter of weeks, beautiful, white, healthy hair will grow. So, if you see a dog that's available and it's a little short on hair... know that it will be a beautiful white, fluffy, haired darling within a few weeks.  Read Ace's story.



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